saliha staib

saliha staib

In my abstract painting, I want to create my own language with unique marks and gestures that communicate on different levels through the use of line, color, forms, and structures. Oil is my primary medium. The work often has an element of geometry of the constructed and the improvisational techniques of playing with and adjusting color, tonality, scale, texture, and shape.

The interesting thing is also to discover good relationships (speed, rhythm) with colors, both pale and vivid, form rosy to cool. As I work on a painting, it changes with each additional layer. Each layer exists for a duration, retaining traces of what happened before and awaiting what will come next.

As a painter, I have learned that making art is a very personal and intimate experience. For me, it is necessary and is often joyous, but sometimes painful. It is a form of communication with many things going on at the same time: an accent, a comment or command with space and time between, like virtually everything in life. My emotions and feelings appear in my paintings. Through the choice of color, brushes, texture, or movement, I begin a dialogue that dances between clarity and confusion. For me, painting is about making an initial commitment to the board and then embracing where that commitment takes me.

For the most part, I feel that painting is not a great mystery. I have often been advised to explain the meaning of my paintings. I prefer to allow people to look and see without direction.